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Ido Portal is coming back to Belgium with a brand new workshop:


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 The (Mo)tion Workshop – by IDO PORTAL

When: Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of June 2017. 

Where: CrossFit Aalst, Nachtegaalstraat 8, 9320 Aalst, Belgium  

  (Mo)Tion →  -tion suffix: indicating state, condition, action, process, or result: motion, notion, emotion   (Mo)tion is a two day opportunity to dive into the movement perspective - ideas and concepts put into practice in the form of tools, physical tasks, riddles, play and structured materials.   This seminar will introduce participants from all levels of exposure to different forms of practice and thinking on movement, physicality and the body with reflections into our lives and being.   Movement is now recognized as the most potent force in developing our brains, bodies and awareness.  
* No prior experience with any form of physical practice is required. The materials are constructed in a way that will challenge all levels.  

  Movement Perspectives - A lecture about the approach, tools and conduct inside a cloud.   Non-Linear Strength - Exploring the use of unknown parameters in order to get stronger in unknown tasks.   Conditional, Oriented Play - Using physical tasks to manufacture instant learning, techniques, solutions, and growth.   Flooring - Soft body, soft floor. Participants will be taught techniques in order make the floor their ally and not another enemy.   Coordination - The nature of the clumsy glitch and finding its resolution.   Movement Terminology - Developing proper terminology; body softening vs stretching and more megapixels in your motion.   Somatic Explorations - Learning to bring awareness into our practice and our lives through movement and stillness.

2 days from 10 am-6 pm
with a lunch break scheduled between 1 and 3 pm. On Sunday however, the workshop might start at 9 am.

Please make sure to bring with you: a roll of athletic tape, water bottle, watch - timer, notebook & pen and loose fitting clothes suitable for movement.
Please don't make a tight schedule before and after the event - Flights, important meetings etc. 
Event may continue beyond schedule time. All events are led by Ido Portal and Team  (certified master teachers under Ido Portal). Ido's presence cannot be guaranteed in any occasion. The team is not working 'by the clock' and attempts to share as much knowledge as possible with the participants during the event.

Cost: € 645 

TO REGISTER:    Please follow these steps carefully:   

Step 1:  Pay 645 Euro to: 
Account Name:  Ailliet-Colpaert L & V Ido Portal 
Account number IBAN: BE58 7360 2163 2579
BIC/ swift code : KREDBEBB 
Bank: KBC Bank address: Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussel, Belgium   
Step 2:  E-mail your contact details: -  name and address -  e-mail address -  Mobile phone number -  copy of your payment  to idoportalgent@proximus.be     

Step 3:  As soon as you have concluded STEP 1 AND STEP 2 – you are booked! We will send you a “Proof of Registration” email as soon as we have received your payment. We will immediately put a “fully booked” sign up on Facebook ( Ido Portal  / (Mo)tion Belgium) when it is sold out. 
Step 4: Read the small text. Carefully. Here is the small text: Please note that your space is in no way guaranteed until your payment has reached us. Please understand that the fee is 100% non-refundable. If you won´t be able to attend, you are allowed to sell your space to someone else. (Just remember to notify us who the new participant is with their name and email address) All events are led by the Ido Portal Team. 
Step 5: Be excited and start preparing for your trip to Belgium! Airports: Brussels Airport (Zaventem)( 30 min to Aalst, 50 min to Gent).  We will contact you when the seminar date approaches with more details on hotel accommodation, modes of transportation and so on. If you have any questions that are not answered in the above text, please e-mail idoportalgent@proximus.be   

Talk to you soon!
Luc Ailliet, Karel De Roo & Virginie Colpaert
The Ido Portal Belgium team