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We are very proud to organise another 


JUNE 2nd and 3rd 2018   

CrossFit Aalst Belgium 

Locomotion - Level 1, The Ido Portal Method


This workshop concentrates around a gradual and process-driven instruction of Ido Portal's movement language - Locomotion.
Locomotion is Ido's unique creation, a fluid, challenging, beautiful and rewarding movement system which relies on the use of low gait, squatting, inverting, crawling, bridging, quadrupedaling and other patterns, integrated to a sophisticated multi-layered flow close to the ground.

In Locomotion, Ido brought together his influences in traditional Chinese martial arts, Capoeira, his work as an acrobat on stage and experience in various dance techniques as well as his personal insight into movement development. Ido's Locomotion is comprised of over 1200 elements and keeps evolving daily as Ido, his team and students keep on researching and refining more elements and their incorporation into the language.

Locomotion offers a great tool for strength development, true useable and active mobility, joint protection, metabolic conditioning and expression. The student will get exposure to these elements and concepts:
  • The now famous Ido Lizard Crawl, Low Lizard, Moon Lizard
    • The crab, Delayed Crab, Hovering Crab and Step inside crab
    • The Rotational-L, High Rotational-L
    • The Cross Step
    • The Step Behind
    • The Shinobi Step
    • The Ape Gallop, Rotating Ape, Ape Sit, Ape Step
    • Bridging work and development of a back bridge with further implementation into dynamic bridging
    • Mastering the Squat - an essential human position
    • Combinations and developing your own combinations
    • Closed System Flow
    • Metabolic Conditioning using Locomotion - insight into programming and use
CrossFit Aalst, Nachtegaalstraat 8, 9320 Aalst BELGIUM

WORKSHOP SPAN: 12 hours spread over 2 days, 10:00AM - 18:00PM on both days with a lunch break scheduled at 13:00-15:00

PRICE: 650 EURO per participant   

 Please take note: All events are led by the Ido Portal Team. And although Ido has been with us at all three events we have organized in the past, the policy of the company is that we have to inform all potential participants that Ido's presence cannot be guaranteed in any occasion.